Lets Talk To Mummy’s Tummy book review

Last week i was given this lovely book to look at and review. As soon as I heard about this particular children’s book and how it helps to explain what happens in mummy’s tummy week by week starting from 12 weeks I was really excited and couldn’t wait to read it.

As you all know with my eldest two being autistic and wanting to know everything about everything I wanted to see what they thought of the book and if it was something they would find interesting. It is safe to say I didn’t even have to have a doubt as my 10 year old loved reading it and loved how it told you how big baby is at certain weeks. She giggled at some of the comparisons like how baby was as big as a pumpkin at 40 weeks.

The book is written by Helen Lacey and illustrated by Carla Moreno. You first open the book to very cute stickers. These are for certain weeks of pregnancy showing the size of baby compared to the size of fruit and vegetable. This gives you something for the children to stick in the book making it more interactive. At first I thought it might be more for older children but how wrong was I it is great for all ages my eldest was reading it to my 2 year old and getting her to point to things in the pictures.

One of my favourite things about the book is that it is easy to read and tells you what baby can do or hear Which is written as if the baby is telling you. Its beautifully illustrated from start to finish with pictures of baby and how they develop from a group of cells to the beautiful baby 40 weeks later. Not only does it tell the children about baby but it also tells them what baby will need when they arrive, what happens at different appointments including your Scans to simple things about how they can help with baby and guessing what baby will look like.

We all know us mummy’s are always looking for unique things to keep for when baby arrives and this is the perfect edition to the baby’s box as it has been completed and used by their big brother or sister.

This book is something that I wish i had seen when I was having my last 3 children as it is something that not only helps the big brother/sister feel involved but also helps them to see what baby looks like week by week as well as letting them know easy to understand information about what baby is doing that week too.

Lets Talk To Mummy’s Tummy is available to buy at
http://www.helenlacey.co.uk/ and costs only £11.99.

There is going to be book two of the set which is coming out in September 2019 called Let’s Talk About Your New Baby Brother Or Sister and I really can not wait to see this one, I know it will be just as good as Lets Talk To Mummy’s Tummy.

Sarah xx

I was given this book free for a review and all opinions are my own

I survived a holiday just me and the kids

The last week the kids and me have been away to Scotland. According to google maps it was a 7 and half hour journey which was scary when it was just me and the four kids as their dad is away in Pakistan for a couple of weeks. When I planned our trip I didn’t really realise how far it was and originally it was meant to be all of us including their dad going but it just happened to happen that he decided he was going to Pakistan so it ended in just us going.

It was panicking me the day before as I was trying to get all packing done, sort the house out and then making sure I hadn’t forgotten anything, made sure that all the cameras and tablets all charged to give the kids something to do. I didn’t get to bed till gone 10.30pm still couldn’t fall asleep as I had a stupid song in my head and was driving me crazy.

1.30am came around too quick. I had to get up and fill the car (I don’t live in the best of areas so you have to pack things last last minute) then chuck the kids in the car ready to go. I even remembered to but all the snacks and tablets in the front of the car in easy reach for the eldest to grab and pass around.

The first hour in the car most the kids were still awake since they had to wake up and walk down to the car at 1.45am but from then they all slept till 4.30am when the toddler woke up screaming and wanting her nappy changing so we had our first stop just before the Scottish boarder. We all pilled into the car and off we went till they woke up but the car decided just under 2hours from Aviemore that the ABS/EPS/Auto parking off was going to all flash on and scare me to death. But luckily I was told it wasn’t something serious and I could keep going to were we needed to be then take it to the garage to checked out which turned out it had just over heated and the car didn’t like it. We managed to get up to my sisters for 8.50am and the kids were absolutely fantastic and didn’t really make a fuss at all all the way there.

I was really nervous on our first night in the B&B as it was our first time EVER in a B&B or hotel and worse was it was our first time and it was only me against 4. But it was complete waste of panicking as the kids were behaving and the fact the B&B had no TVs was a bigger plus as the kids had to play and entertain themselves with the games/puzzles/books that were all supplied by the B&B. They even ate their dinners that Les (who owns the B&B) made us all., Our first night went swimmingly and the kids went to bed with no fuss including the toddler for the first time in a long time.

Day 2 was an interesting start as over night it had snowed that heavy it had knocked the power out in the village. Luckily the lad across the road is a good friend of my sister and Les so she kindly let us go over to keep warm in her livingroom as she has a log burning stove and Les got to cook a massive Scottish breakfast on their aga stove in the kitchen. The kids loved playing in the snow and what made it better was that the schools were still open (nothing closes Scottish school apparently) so the kids got to go play in the snow fields with no one else about. We took day 2 slowly so that i could become a human again after a long day the day before and the kids seemed so tired out after playing in the snow we all went to bed early.

Day 3 was an interesting day the kids didn’t find the idea interesting at first but once we got there they had more fun and had to find out more which made the travel worth it. Where did we go do i hear you ask well we went to the Culloden Battle Field and it was an interesting place to go. I even made the kids stand next to the family stone. The kids loves getting to hold the old pistols and muskets and the toddler loved pretending to shoot people with the cannon. I was just a shame that I couldn’t get photos of them as it was too busy and a million kids and me was hard work.

After Culloden we went to Inverness and stocked up on the essentials i.e. doughnuts and Easter treats. We even got one of the boys a winter coat in the winter clothes sale. Then OMG Les outdid her self with tea that night.

That evening we spent the evening playing board games and just having a laugh as it was our last night in Scotland with my sister and her 2 so we made the most of it and the kids got to stay up a bit later then normal. We even had our year family Easter egg hunt around the downstairs of the B&B. The kids loved it and made us all laugh when they couldn’t find some that we sat looking at them.

Day 4 was the day we were going home. We had our last Scottish breakfast and spent the morning with everyone before we headed home at lunch time. Its took us 8 and half hours to get home with a few stops as we slowly slowly made our way home as it wasn’t a rush. The kids were great and didn’t fight argue or mess about. We even stopped and had McDonalds just before the English boarder which gave the kids time to run about and have some time to stretch their legs and run around. We made it back home just before 9pm.

I couldn’t believe how easy and nice it was going on a small family trip with the kids was. We had so much fun and i didn’t have to actually shout and tell the kids off at all all week but gosh they have made up for it the last few days. Think the used up all their good behaviour when we were away so now they are trying at times.

It really hasn’t put me off doing it again just me and the kids, it really has shown me that i can do it on my own and if needs be i can take the kids hours away on my own and not panic my head off with thoughts of hoping they behave and that they don’t show off as at the end off the day i know that they are my pride and joy and that they know when to push mummies buttons and when not to and when it is time to be best behaved. Will do did it again in the next month NOOOO but i could in the summer when the weather is better and we wouldn’t end up being snowed in again.

Sarah xx

Meat matters Challenge

This post is an entry for the #MeatMatters challenge, Sponsored bu Simply Beef and lamb. Learn more about the benefits of cooking and eating beef and lamb along with recipe ideas and inspiration here: https://www.simplybeefandlamb.co.uk

I have been kindly given £10 to buy ingredients to cook and show you our favourite Beef or Lamb Dinner

We as a family eat different meat products daily and have to find different was in which to jazz it up. As we are a mixed family we find we have to have more red meats in the kids and their dads diets as they tend to have to have the extra boost in their iron with of course Beef is full of.

So why choose beef and lamb in your diet well not only are they a great meat to cook with in many different ways but they are also very good for you some of their health benefits are:

  • Beef/lamb are naturally rich in protein
  • Lamb provides four essential vitamins which help reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Beef is a source of iron that helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Lamb provides 7 vitamins and minerals that support good health and well-being
  • Beef provides 8 vitamins and minerals that support good health and well-being

We like to make so many different dinners from the good old English stew to a hearty Asian curry and rice. But one of our favourite meals lately is the weird but surprisingly tasty cheeseburger Pasta.

Here is the recipe for anyone who wants to try it:


  • 500g Penne pasta
  • 500g Beef mince
  • 3 rashes of bacon (optional)
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1 Tin of condensed tomato soup or a tin of chopped tomatoes
  • 1 Cup of grated cheese
  • Salad to have with it and optional table sources

Takes 30 minutes to cook and Prepare and feeds my family of 6


  1. Cook the pasta following the instructions on the packet.
  2. Cook the beef in a large pan on a medium heat untill it has browned and no longer pink. Then drain and place to the side.
  3. Chop the Bacon (if including) and fry in the pan you cooked the beef untill it has browned and crispy. The place bacon on a plate with a paper towel to remove the fat on it.
  4. Drain the pasta when cooked and add to the pan, stir in the soup/tomatoes. Add the water and the mince and bacon and mix together
  5. Remove from the heat and sprinkle the cheese on top. Cover the pan or leave a couple of minutes until the cheese has melted.
  6. Serve and enjoy with salad and sources of your choice my children love it with tomato source.

The total amount i sent was as followed

  • Beef mince £2.50
  • Pasta £0.95
  • Tin of condensed soup £1.50
  • Cheese £1.90
  • Bacon £1.25
  • Salad £1.00 (cheated and brought ready made)
  • Total £9.10

#MeatMatters @Britmums @SimplyBeefandLamb

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Britmums Bepanthen Protects Challenge

This post is an entry for the #BepanthenProtects Challenge, sponsored but Bepanthen. Learn more about how to protect baby’s sensitive skin on https://www.bepanthen.co.uk

I was recently sent a box with Bepanthen Cream and a book and penguin teddy inside from Britmums to try for the last 2 to 3 weeks. As a mum of 4 I’ve had a million nappies to change and 4 little bums to protect.

So back to the Bepanthen what is it exactly:

Bepanthen is clinically proven that it forms a transparent, breathable layer, helping to protect your baby’s skin from the irritants and rubbing that can cause nappy rash. It has a kind to sin formulation:

  • No fragrances
  • No colours
  • No preservatives
  • No parabens
  • No antiseptics
  • Contains provitamin B5 to help skin to repair its natural protective barrier

Nappy rash affects 1 in 3 babies at some point so protecting your baby’s bottom from getting red makes perfect sense, instead of waiting for your little one to suffer from a sore bottom.

The good thing about Bepanthen is so gentle it can be used straight from birth, including with premature babies and as often as required.

The most common cause of nappy rash is a combination of soiled nappies and friction. Nappy rash is also more likely to occur if your baby is premature, unwell, recovering from vaccination, weaning, suffering from diarrhoea, or prone to hereditary eczema.

With the first 3 children I hardly had to use nappy creams on them only when they where really poorly. But with the toddler bless her struggles with a sore bum alot. One thing that we found up set her recently is just a change in the nappies we were using. I couldn’t get hold of our normal ones and ended up having to get the stores own brand and within a couple of hours she had a sore red bum bless her. So i reached over to the change bag and grabbed the Bepanthen and within a few hours her red little bum was back to normal. Its amazing stuff. Its not only when baby has a sore bum but also as a layer to protect their little bottoms from the causes of nappy rash.

The best thing about Bepanthen is that the tubes are perfect to fit into you bag, change bag or in the bathroom cupboard/baby change box. I have the 100g tube in the toddlers change baby and a small 30g tube in my hand bag as it comes in handy not only for their sore bums but also helps with those little bits of sore rashes you get now and then. Plus the 30g is perfect sized from my bag so if we are out in a rush and don’t have the change bag at least I have it around in case I need it. Its one of the only things I have found that works perfectly with her baby skin which makes me a very happy mummy.

So how do you use Bepanthen Nappy care Ointment?

You should use a thin layer of Bepanthen Ointment that is applied to your baby’s clean, dry bottom after each nappy change, or as often as required. Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment offers additional comfort for the baby being non-sticky as well as convenience for mums as it does not need to be cleaned off at the next nappy change. The flip-top lid makes Bepanthen convenient and handy to use. But it needs to be stored in a dry place at a temperature below 25°C.

Bepanthen is something that we will continue to use while she is in nappies and will continue to pass on how good it is to all i know that are struggling with sore baby bottoms and want something that not only helps to heal it but also helps to stop it coming back.

Sarah xx

#ad #BepanthenProtects @BepanthenUK @BritMums

The Baby Box Co review

I received a Lidl Baby box in the box in the post recently and wasn’t disappointed in it when I opened it.

Firstly for those who do not know what a baby box is here is some information on them:

The Baby Box Co. was started to help parents keep their kids safe. Over the years, we’ve expanded into delivering educational content, rewarding moms and dads, and creating a parental support community that continues to grow.

The Baby Box Co. is not just about babies or boxes. It’s about creating a safer world for children by supporting parents. Our community is your safety net, bringing you expert information and trusted products so you can protect the ones who matter most. We provide the parenting education you need before you even know you need it, so you can conquer uncertainty and win the day—or at least the hour. From pregnancy through infancy and early childhood, we deliver what you need to parent with confidence and raise safe, happy kids.


When i opened the box there was a beautifully decorated box with a mattress inside and a bag. Inside the bag there was a sheet for the mattress and a pack of nappies and wipes. It looked so well put together.

In order to receive a free box you have to complete a few questions and and watch some videos on different aspects of bringing up a baby. When you have completed The Baby Box university you are rewarded with a free box that will take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive. The box is a perfect alternative to a moses basket specially those who are struggling money wise and could do with a little hand and something that does the same job as well as those who love the idea of a baby box. The mattress is perfect and breathable and the sheet is fitted so that it will not come off when baby moves. The mattress fits perfectly in the box and has no space around the edges where little fingers and toes could get caught and have perfect plain and simple picture all around the sides for those tiny eyes.

Baby boxes have been around a long time in different counties but mainly in Finland but within the UK Scotland has started to give new mums a baby box when they leave hospital. I really would recommend these to anyone and wish they were about then my 4 were younger as I would have used it all the time. The one that I have has been donated to a lovely lady in the community through my health visitor as she has fled her abusive partner and has nothing for her or her baby so has given her something that will be useful for a good few months while she gets back on her feet. This is another reason why I think that all hospitals should provide them as you just do not know what circumstances the mums are in.

Sarah xx

This wasn’t a paid review and nor was I asked by the company to do a review

To my daughter on her 10th birthday

These last 10 years have been some of the most amazing, funny and eye-opening years of my life. I have learnt so much about my self and how to be the best mum I can be since you were born.

You were two weeks late and still holding on for hours till they decided they needed to get you out by emergency c-section, I even asked them to give you another hour and a half so that you were born on the 15th instead of valentines day. But they said no and you were born at 10.22 on the 14th February and where this perfect chubby little baby. Everyone was wondering how you fitted in my tummy as you were the biggest on the ward. With you, I was learning what it was to be a mum and learning how much you were changing my life without me even knowing. That first year was the hardest but most rewarding year of our journey as we took it together. Before you turned 2 you became a perfect big sister to your brother and looked after him as best as you could. You brought him toys and shushed him when he was crying and helped to bath and get him changed it was wonderful to watch. By the time you were 3 you have another little brother that stole your heart and you would show off to all you meet. When we were out you would keep an eye on the boys and help them when they needed it and bossed them around when you didn’t think I was watching. Even though you cried when I told you we were having your sister and how much you say she is annoying I know deep down that you love her especially when she is being sweet.

Other the next couple of years you have grown and grown into the fantastic, beautiful, kind little lady you are today, one that both I and your dad are so proud of who you are becoming. I can not wait to watch you continue to grow and became an amazing young lady

Mum xx

Feel like Sh*t

Lately, I’ve been feeling sh*t about my self and how I look. I think I’m really struggling with my mum-tum and how much my body doesn’t do want it used too. I used to be really flexible and now nearly a year of trapeze I’m still at the same none flexible me I was when I started. Thought it would have started making me more flexible and lose weight by now but it doesn’t feel like it is.

I really want to lose my mum-tum and get back into shape. Not back to before the kids but back to how I was before I had the toddler but I’m struggling to get rid of the mum-tum. Then I’m not losing weight even with eating better and walking more on top of my trapeze classes. On top of that, I’m struggling with not being as flexible as I was and can’t seem to get my flexibility to strength more.

I think that because I don’t have a husband that builds me up and doesn’t notice anything. I died my hair a week ago and he still hasn’t noticed. Which doesn’t say much if he doesn’t notice anything that stands out the most. He doesn’t even support what I do, don’t think he even thinks about it to be fair, I’m studying to be a nurse and he doesn’t give me time without the kids so at the minute I don’t know why I’m bothering as I’m not getting time to sit and study in quiet apparently I can do it in a room full of kids and sort them out in between.

Having the sister in law living with us that the minute in a tiny house isn’t helping with my mental health as I’m no longer coping with having people in the house that haven’t been grown in my stomach or I married. She has been here over a month and a half and we don’t know when she will be leaving as she is waiting on a house after her marriage break down. It hard on her I know but I really struggling as I’m not having my space and basically sorting out 6 other people on to of my self and my health issues. But my other half doesn’t see that and its all about helping his sister.

They might all seem like little things to most but when you live in a multicultural family and your other halves family and him expect you to follow their cultural and family ways it’s hard. Especially when you’re ignored and only there when his family want something like you driving them to the shops/work, they speak in a language I don’t understand around me even after multiple times asking them not too. (something his sister hated her husband doing to her yet does to me)

Think i need to have a break I really need time for me and my home back before I go crazy.

Pregnancy has destroyed my bladder and pelvic floor muscles

Over the next few months ill be taking you on a journey with me. I have finally built up the courage to go the doctors about constantly needing to go for a wee since having the toddler. After a very embarrassing conversation and talking through my options I was referred to the Bladder clinic. Something I never thought I would be going to at my age.

Two weeks later, I’m sat waiting for my first appointment with the specialist incontinence nurse. They go over all your history give you a once over. You have to do a bladder diary for them to look at, I was told mine was the best she had seen helps I have to fill them out at work. Told that I’m drinking enough so that’s great, the only issue I have is that my bladder isn’t holding enough. Then came the horrible bit she had to do an internal to see what my pelvic floor muscles were like.

From the examination, one good thing came from it when I had my eldest I was told my mechanics didn’t work that’s why I had to have an emergency C-section with her. The nurse told me that the reason why she couldn’t be delivered naturally is that I have a very low pelvis bone and that there is physically no room for her to have been born naturally. This made me feel a lot better about having the next 3 C-sections as they would never have been able to come down either.

The bad thing is my pelvic floor is shot and that yes she can tell that I am trying to do them but my stomach muscles are overcompensating for it. So now I need to see a specialist physiotherapist see if there is anything they can help do that doesn’t involve stomach muscles trying to help. If not it will be on to the next thing where they use electric pulses to make the pelvic floor muscle to contract to try and get it to start working on its own.

I asked her now that I am officially broken does it mean I can be put down but she said no. Don’t think that’s nice of her.

To increase the size of my bladder and the quantity it can hold I have to do bladder drills. Bladder drills are where you have to try and hold it past the first urge of needing a wee till the last possible minute. As this will slowly over the next couple of months increase the volume of my bladder. As she put it my bladder will only hold less then half what an adult bladder should. Mine will only hold 150ml to 200 ml at the most were as a normal adult bladder will hold 400ml before needing a wee but can hold 500ml at the most. The nurse said that hopefully doing this over the next few months it will have increase the amount it will hold. This is a starting point while I wait on the physiotherapist appointment for hopefully helping with my pelvic floor muscles.

If that wasn’t the worst bit I have to cut out things from my diet that are irritants to our bladders. so I’m no longer allowed Caffeine so now on decaf tea, Fruit Juices i.e lemon/orange/pineapple etc, artificial sweeteners (so no sugar-free/no added sugar juices) as well as fizzy pop. Basically everything I love lol.

I’ll update you on my next appointment and let you know how these bladder drills are going.

Sarah xx

I’ve been trying Perrier and Juice

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try the new perrier and juice in Strawberry and Kiwi, Pineapple and Mango and the Cherry and Peach.

Perrier & Juice is made up 79% Perrier sparkling natural mineral water and 15.7% fruit juice. The best bit is that each can has less the 50 calories which are perfect for those of you like me who go to work and needs a drink that will not only quench of thirst but doesn’t go straight to your hips. With me working in the community I have to have quick drinks that taste great and this has been amazing.

I have taken them to work in the car and they have been a perfect addition to my glove box. They taste great and even in-between many calls they are still sparkling and taste the same even an hour later. I like the fact they come in different flavours and a can that is just the right size that you don’t end up wasting any.

I got the kids to try them too and they loved them just as much as I did. My favourite is Pineapple and Mango closely followed by Peach and Cherry. Kids loved Strawberry and Kiwi and drank all 8 cans in no time.

Think these will continue to be a staple in my working supply box for now and the future.

P.s. I even got sent some funky glasses that Aly stole.

Sarah xx

(This could be classed as an add, but I haven’t been paid for reviewing it)

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